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Video Services

At Vines Film and Media, our core services include:


  • Corporate Video Production

  • Digital Editing

  • Documentary and Film Production

  • Scriptwriting

  • Drone (Arial) Videography, and 

  • Live Streaming (Conferences, Meetings, Weddings, Funerals).


Storytelling is the foundation of our process. Our creative team develops a concept for your video, then crafts a script and creates a storyboard. From pre-production to delivery, you’ll know exactly what to expect throughout your exciting video production journey.


Who can stop watching a good story? Not many! We conceptualize and develop your video project to intentionally take your customers on a journey. Whether it’s a branding video, a corporate video, or even a training video, we strive to weave in visual storytelling to engage and educate your customers. The result will be a video product that shows, rather than tells, your customers what it’s like to do business with you.


Our Filming Process:


Pre-Production. We begin with research. We learn about your company and your industry. We’ll discover your purpose for the video and then launch into brainstorming ideas. Our team will come up with various concepts and choose one that best represents your style and the message you want to send to your customers. After you approve the concept, we’ll launch into scripting. The script is king. The script is our blueprint for the whole film production process. It will ensure we’ve captured your goals and messages. Our creative team will either write a script for you, or work with the one you provide to us. After you approve the script, our team will dive into storyboarding your project. We’ll sketch out what the video will look like, frame-by-frame, to give you a visual depiction of the project before we launch. Finally, we’ll finalize all the logistical details for the day(s) of our filming with you.


Production. On shooting day, our team will pack up and head out to your filming location. Or we might prepare the space in our studio before you arrive. Either way, we’ll be ready to go at the agreed upon location and time. Throughout our time together, our team will capture video footage, background footage, and audio files using camera(s), lighting, and audio devices. We adjust color, audio, and match music to your brand’s tone. All these activities will be in line with the decisions we made in the pre-production phase.


Post-Production. When we arrive in the studio, we’ll transfer the digital images to our workstations and begin to produce your video project! We will use the storyboard to weave together footage we captured, along with additional footage, sound effects, narration, titling, captions, music, and other animation as appropriate, all per with the script and storyboard we developed in pre-production. We’ll send you a near final version for your review and comments. From your comments, we’ll make edits, perform our quality control, and prepare to deliver your film product.


Delivery. We deliver high-quality files to you to download for use on your various promotional platforms.

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