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Drone Video

Sometimes your video service needs may be not the typical wedding or graduation ceremony. At Vines Film and Media, we offer a range of video services to fit any need. 

Check out our drone video services! 

Aerial Video and Photography

Drones provide many uses in our business environment. From construction to real-estate to reconnaissance for disasters, Vines Film and Media’s drone operators provide aerial video and photography to support your needs.


Our drone pilots are trained, qualified, and experienced to fly for commercial marketing projects. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given us clearance to fly our suite of drones for commercial use every job site.

We have drone packages to support your isolated aerial and video specific requirements.

Raven’s Eye Video: $149

  • One 360-degree panoramic video 

Raven’s Eye Photo Package: $199

  • 15 High-Resolution aerial images 

Raven’s Victory Package: $369  Most Popular!

  • 15 High-resolution aerial images

  • 5 High-definition aerial video clips 

Raven’s Business Success Package: $469

  • 15 High-resolution aerial images

  • 5 High-definition aerial video clips

  • 60-Second video with branding, captions, contact information, and music


Digital Editing

Digital editing is the process of arranging clips of camera or cellphone footage to combine into branded video products. Digital editing can be tedious and difficult. But our team of talented and experienced editors can take your raw footage and create amazing, products for your business.

Our four-step process involves:

Pre-production-We scheduled time to talk with you about your goals and intent for the video.

Receipt of Footage-Since we’re not coming to film you ourselves, we depend on you to provide the key elements we’ll need to brand your unique video.

Post-production-We’ll create a video product from your camera or cellphone footage using your digital images and style.

Delivery-We deliver high-quality files to you to download for use on your various promotional platforms.


Let's Work Together!

We love what we do, and we'd love to help you create a video.  

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