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About Us

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Vines Film and Media Crew

We are a creative production agency in Maryland that encourages storytelling.

About the Founder Pamela H. Vines


When Pamela was eight years old, she recalls sitting on her grandmother’s porch early one Saturday morning. Her plan for the day was to practice patience until Granny was ready to take her to the Hill’s department store. But that wouldn’t happen until much later in the day.


She looked up at her grandmother, let out a big sigh, and announced, “I’m bored.” She expected compassion. That wasn’t what she got. Her grandmother didn't skip a beat. Peeking from around her newspaper, Granny looked down at young Pam and said, “With a mind like yours, how could you ever be bored?” That was the day Pamela took ownership of her thoughts and mind. That was the day everything clicked and Pamela became a Creator.



A lover of everything story-related, whether in a book, on television, on stage, or at the movies, Pamela loses herself in the theme, character development, and the pure beauty of how creators weave their stories together. The fascination remains and grows stronger every day. Her company’s approach is to use storytelling and promotional strategies to build respected brands for clients.

Pamela is a proud member of the Association of the United States Army, and serves as a Regional Ambassador of Business Networking International (BNI’s) Central Maryland region.


As a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Pamela culminated her military career as a U.S. Army Spokesperson and Team Chief at the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, the Pentagon. 


Pamela is also a writing facilitator and author. Her novel, Born of Sin is an Amazon #1 best seller. She continues to work on several fiction, non-fiction, and film projects.

Everything is a story. People live and breathe and even dream stories. Without question, storytelling lays the foundation for all our video production work.”  - Pamela Vines - 

Pamela Vines, Owner of Vines Film Media

Visionary, Videographer,
Writer, and Editor

Behind the Scenes...

Pamela Vines and Crew during documentary shoot
Vines Film and Media Interview
Vines Film and Media Promo Video.jpeg
Vines Film Documentary Set

Pamela has always been a storyteller. Combining her creative writing talent with her artistic eye, and digital editing flair, there is nothing she'd rather be doing than working on a film projects.


Vines Film & Media Crew

Shurman Vines.jpg

Shurman Vines

Technical Director, Drone Pilot and Graphics


Shuman is a proud Army Veteran who gets intensely excited about flying the drone. He's also adept at graphics.

Maia Fulton Photo.jpeg

Maia Fulton

Writer, Videographer and Digital Editor


Maia has a bachelor of science degree in Electronic Media and Film. A graduate of Towson University, she's passionate about writing and storytelling through creative media.

Gary George.jpg

Gary George

Videographer and Digital Editor


Gary is a proud Air Force Veteran who enjoys every aspect of filmmaking. With his creative eye and attention to detail, Gary's film projects are authentic and inspired. 

Anissa Harsiman.jpeg

Anissa Harshman

Writer and Digital Editor


A self-described free-thinking, Anissa brings a creative wit and charm to every project she touches. She has a strong background in video, graphics, and social network promotions. 

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