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We love client testimonials because they speak to the creativity and quality production we bring as videographers to every project. And they also tell us where we can improve to ensure each client receives the best product we can deliver.  

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Dr. Eisse Barnes, JD, PHd

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Pamela to produce two short videos for my online CV. She was incredibly patient with my rookie missteps and, in record time, created two absolutely marvelous video clips that I was proud to put on my site. She has the amazing ability to take nearly nothing and turn it into something wonderful. I couldn’t have had a more positive experience. You will too. Pamela has my highest recommendation."

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Deon Dalton, Owner Push Alliance

Working with [Vines Film] was wonderful. Pam helped me through the entire process and graciously fielded my questions for any concerns I had. The goal was to provide a clear and concise message to help share my business with the public...The day I released Pam's awesome final product, I had two immediate sign-ups, without me having to personally take time from my day to explain it to them.  If you want to expand your business, I highly recommend working with [Vines Film]. You will not be disappointed!

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Brian Loebig, Owner Loebig Ink

"I...had the opportunity to hire [Vines Film] for a live stream video project that needed a higher level of professional support. On very short notice [her] video team coordinated a live event in downtown DC with multiple cameras. The live video feed also incorporated the use of an integrated MP4 video into the stream at the beginning of the event. The final outcome was top notch and live stream attendees received an arguably better experience than those in physical attendance at the event!"


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